Tourist undertaking mountaineering and trekking in Ladakh, whether in groups or individual, should take some precuations. There is no private aerial rescue agency in Ladakh and only as a life saving measure; engaging the Indian Air Force help in evacuation.Government of India Ministry of Defence has authorized the station Commander, Air Force Station Leh, to airlift for rescue cum causality evacuation of members of mountaineering expedition and trekking parties in distress in the available IAF aircraft helicopter on the following conditions: -

Shoes: Good waterproof shoes are needed while trekking and extra pair of shoes and Sandal is useful while crossing the rivers.

1.The evacuees should give an undertaking to the effect that payment on account of the cost of the aircraft for rescue will be borne either by the travel insurance company or by the individual concerned.

2.The evacuees are also responsible for reimbursements of loss/ damage to the aircraft/helicopter while undertaking the task of rescue causality evacuation, deviation, diversion, return to base and for the liabilities due on above account-to IAF, as well as compensation to any individual including the aircrew, which may become payable as a result of any accident/incident.

3.The authorities empowered to place the demand for airlift of any causality require the following forms to be filled by the evacuees for settlement of bills with air force headquarter.

a.Form of guarantee of full payment.
b.Form of acceptance certificate.
c.Form of indemnity bond.
d.Photocopy of insurance policy card.
e.Photo of passport. All the above forms can be obtained from Dy. Director, TRC Leh.

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