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The reason for starting our organisation was "natural." Modern society often responds to environmental problems by waiting for someone to do something or for something to happen. We believe this is not the way to make a difference: The environment is everyone's business and something has to be done to save it and make it better.

In light of this belief, we started Ladakh Ecological Footprint, an organisation which aims to make a vital contribution to the future of Ladakh's ecological system by helping people to find trying more sustainable ways to engage with this system, and enjoy it for times to come. To accomplish this mission, Ladakh Ecological Footprint tries to raise people's awareness about Ladakh's environment by organising ecologically conscious treks and giving people a chance to understand Ladakh's society and culture from the inside out.

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Ladakh is not just any place to holiday and so understanding the basics is as important as the tour itself.


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